Classic Gentleman Motor Yacht Hyskeir

Sail in Brittany on Hyskeir, a true
"Classic Gentleman's Motor Yacht"

HYSKEIR was based on a drawing by John Bain. She was built at the James A. Silver Ltd boatyard in Rosneath, in Scotland.

Both the boatyard and the designer had a reputation for designing and building remarkable yachts that marked their era. HYSKEIR is one of them.

HYSKEIR left the boatyard in 1937 and took part honourably in Operation Dynamo (Dunkirk 1940) in the Second World War.

Then named CAIRNGORM, she was requisitioned by the Royal Navy for the surveillance of the River Clyde near Glasgow.

Gérard d’Aboville, who made a name for himself by rowing across the North Atlantic Ocean solo in 1980, and then the North Pacific in 1990, renamed her with her original name HYSKEIR.

Beautifully built and perfectly maintained, HYSKEIR is a heritage “Classic Gentleman Motor Yacht”.

How legends are built.